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“Make Your Own”
April 16, 2014

They say retail therapy helps people increase their happiness. As for me, I’m taking a different approach to happiness this time without resorting to retail therapy. Let the little things make a big differences and enjoy the moment. I took the “100 Happy Days” concept and scaled it down to 5 days, which is perfect because it’ll be the 5 week days of my spring break. It’s a great opportunity to replenish my energy any way possible so I have a #5HappyDays *unofficial* post that is getting worked on right now.

My boyfriend and I had lunch today since I was in the area, turning in some paperwork for student housing. I have been wanting to try out this place for a while and it was where I got the inspiration of making the sushi bowl. It’s called MYO Sushi, where you basically “make your own” sushi whether it’s in the form of a roll, bowl, or burrito. One of the twists is that the place doesn’t accept tips (unless it’s a note saying they’re awesome) while giving outstanding services.

I ordered a salmon sashimi bowl because I wanted to try out what it really taste like. The combination of cabbage, seaweed, cucumber, and lettuce (I think) blended in well with the salmon + masago. The whole meal comes with some edamame beans, salad, miso soup, and deep fried sweet potato.

I ate half of the bowl because my boyfriend and I switched half of what we have so we can try out both things. He got a spicy tuna ‘burrito’, though I thought it would’ve been wrapped in rice paper but it was wrapped in seaweed instead. So basically think of a regular spicy tuna roll that is served uncut. I didn’t mind, especially how nicely wrapped the burrito was. Good stuff :).

Last note, interested in joining and building a community? Melissa opened up a new forum called The Lovely Us so feel free to join if you wish! Everyone is welcomed~

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