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October 26, 2014

This week was another busy week of school and it’s almost unbelievable that midterms are coming up! I already finished one midterm for my organizational behavior class and I have two more within the next couple of weeks (better than having it all crammed in one day/week). There’s a web development group project for my CIS class and I believe we should have a pretty good site looking at the human capital we have. Despite of all of that school business going on, my boyfriend left flowers on my table with a note saying “27 Months ♥” after I came back from my evening classes on Tuesday night ☺☺.

On Wednesday, I went to eat all-you-can-eat sushi again for lunch after work (part-time day)! The sushi chef once again crafted some delicious sushi for us. We pretty much ate the same thing as last time along with some additional creations. The squid nigiri was amazing! The texture was on-point and it was not slimy at all (which was the case for some other sushi place). In addition, we got to sample some chopped toro on a spoon! The pieces melts in your mouth like butter and it was perfect.

October 19, 2014

Yes, I am once again uncreative with using the same title for the third week straight. I promise I will think of a better title next week!

This quarter must be the quarter of videos! I had to edit and narrate two videos for two different classes this week. One of the videos was about how the ERP software we use at work improves the workload for Computer Information Systems (CIS). It’s perfect because the work experience I learned over the summer helped a lot! The other video was for my organizational behavior class where there were 10 skits about power contingencies and influential powers. Both videos turned out great!

Networking = Important

From the clubs and fundamentals to CIS class I’m in, I learned the emphasis of why networking is important. You never know what will happen in the future and that one person sitting across from you in class who you never talk to can end up being your employer; or it can be vise versa where you’re the employer instead. It’s amazing how the department has a vast network of professionals who were CIS graduates. Before this, I did some basic networking on my own such as meeting peers who are also into cyber security and so on.

October 12, 2014

Trendy Coffee Shop Project

On Tuesday, my group had to go to a “trendy coffee shop” to secretly observe the employee’s behaviors for our Organizational Behavior class. The name makes sense, right?! At first, we wanted to go to Starbucks but it was full so we went to a tea house instead. We had to document how much personal space they give with each other, eye contact, and give recommendations based on what we saw. To make things less obvious, we ordered food and drinks. I got myself a caramel milk ice with mini boba and grass jelly along with some fish ball. The fish ball has roe stuffed in the center and it tasted amazing!


During lunch on Friday, a few coworkers and I went to eat at Lazy Dog for lunch. I ordered the Hawaiian sticky ribs with umami fries and Asian slaw. I LOVE RIBS, ’nuff said. Then during the evening, my boyfriend and I had a date night at a legit Ramen place (Yukino Ya) and we really liked it! If we go again, I’ll go for the shoyu bowl instead of grounded beef (since I didn’t bother looking up what it meant at first).

October 5, 2014

Hey! It’s October once again. This means the holiday season is coming up~

Fundamentals of Computer Info. Systems

This professor knows how to keep the class interesting by asking questions that makes us think. One of the most engaging questions she asked the other day was, “What if you created a huge eCommerce website while really operating as a one-man team at home?” What’s great about this class is that our main focus is on creating a responsive website for any client in a team. I easily found a team with well-knowledged people so this will be one of the few times I don’t significantly carry people on the team (unless I am going to get deceived later on). I heard one of the members have a proposal for a client who’s into the dessert catering business :D!

Management Information Systems

MIS is pretty interesting so far with the class being about utilizing information technology within businesses. This would be useful for the upcoming generation of workers because if businesses are still doing things the manual/old-school way, the workers’ technology knowledge would be useful in increasing efficiency in all sorts of areas. This class, organizational behavior, and operations management are all connected to each other; which is awesome because I don’t need to change my mindset when I’m in any of those classes.

September 27, 2014


Tuesday was move-in day to the school’s apartments/village! Surprisingly, I only needed to make one trip to school with all of my packed things. The only thing I forgot was my Magic Bullet blender :(. It took me ~35 minutes to check-in and ~20 minutes to unload everything from my car to my room. My room is a bit bigger than I imagined and with the way we arranged the furniture, we have a neat space in the middle of the room! My desk is a bit packed because I brought my desktop, but no worries; I can make-do with the space. At first, I thought I would have too much clothes in my half of the closet but it turns out I have some room for more clothes (even without using those space savers).

There were some extra stuff we had to buy from Target/IKEA. I bought some kitchenware and some room accessories. The “best” part was setting up a snack section on the door with goodies other than Rice Krispies (I had a thing for RK’s at work *_*).

My room/housemates are friendly and everything in the complex looks good so far! The two ~complains~ I have is that our/my room’s light at night comes from a floor lamp and the bathroom doesn’t have a lock. Every room in the village that has my room’s setup are powered by a floor lamp while the other room is powered by a ceiling lamp. But I can live with these flaws. At least the air conditioner works because it was ~105F on Wednesday!!

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