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Fall 2014 Finale
December 13, 2014

As of a couple of days ago, I’m finally done with the quarter!


All of my classes this quarter was during the evening since those were the only classes available- which has its up’s and down’s. On the bright side, I could wake up anytime I want, have time to study/do homework, and I could park in the faculty lot after 5:30PM. On the down side, I’m forced to sleep later, miss TV shows, and I care more about leaving early than anything else. Either way, my scheduling worked out and I managed to enjoy all of my classes to an extent. The most interesting class I took this quarter was Operations Management because of the math behind solving business problems (how to crash projects, six sigma, and being haunted by the topic of inventory again). All of my classes this quarter have some correlation with the work experience I got over the Summer/Fall with me being like, “Oh yeah! I totally know what project management and ERP means ☺!”


At the beginning, I was considering to rush for a sorority but then decided it’s not really my thing. Aside from being lazy, I couldn’t justify the expenses for being in a society to meet people. It’s not my thing but if it’s yours, power to you for having the energy for it! Instead, I joined two regular clubs this school year, SWIFT and MISSA. SWIFT is a technology/cyber security club and MISSA is an information systems club that tries to connect you to the professional field. The two other clubs I wished I could’ve taken a look at are the forensics and web development club except there was time conflicts :(.

I did meet a handful of people from my classes due to group projects. I’m glad that this time around, I didn’t have to carry most of the weight during group projects because people actually contributed for once- yaaaay. The most interesting people I met were from my web developing group; everyone came from different backgrounds and we made a pretty kickass website for a construction company. It was a miracle we finished the website with all of the chit chat we had.

December 3, 2014

A few days late, but I can’t believe it’s December already! It feels like the year flew by pretty fast and within a month, it will be 2015 *o*.

Thanksgiving week was pretty good. Work was busy, more than half of my class meetings were cancelled, and I got to spend some time with my parents over the break. There wasn’t much good deals over Black Friday or Cyber Monday that I could dive deep into. At the most, I got booties (ankle boots), a cardigan, and a dress from Cyber Monday (still under $65) ☺.

Last Wednesday night, I finally met my boyfriend’s mom when we (boyfriend’s sibling + his mom) had a dinner at Lazy Dog. I ordered a Hawaiian Ahi Poke (appetizer) and an Asian Ahi Tuna Burger. I’ve never heard of sashimi-grade fish being used in a burger before; but it tasted alright- nothing special. The tuna is usually cooked medium-rare so you get that juicy texture on the inside while the outside is cooked. But judging at the way I eat, I probably rather eat sashimi at that point *o*.

November 24, 2014

Where did the time go? I started on this post on Friday and ended up finishing today (Monday) *o*.

I got called into work last Monday in attempt to fix an ongoing problem with our ERP software. Long story short, my layout for the company’s search queries and KPI’s keeps on getting rolled back to a certain time every other day and the support team is useless in solving the problem. I’m hoping this problem comes to an end soon so I can at least rebuild the layout without having to worry that my attempts will get overwritten by the rollback glitch.

On Wednesday, a few coworkers and I went to the school’s brewery again during the evening. Apparently we’re the only school in the country to have an official brewery (not counting brewing class). It’s a pretty fun place to be at; to the point where I randomly started the “happy birthday” song to one of my coworkers and everyone else from other tables started singing too. And earlier during the day, I finally ate at a legit Thai restaurant for the first time ☺!

November 17, 2014

It’s week 8 of the quarter already? Finals is right around the corner in about two weeks *o*.

The quarter has been pretty decent so far. I’m doing better than I expected considering how I’m working while going to school at the same time.  Along with time management, I’m doing pretty well with money management too ☺. I’m happy with how things are going so far; especially since I worked my way up to be where I am today since starting college a bit over two years ago. My next step is to try to get more involved in cyber security and move into the security or networking job field.

A Few School Tales

Last week, I went to Target and I saw some Christmas lights on sale… Since I won’t be here around Christmas time, I would have around 4~5 weeks for the lights to be up. I ended up buying a box of pure white-colored lights and hung it on a side of the wall in my apartment room. The lights look really nice when it’s lit up and it’s great as a night light since we don’t have one here. It makes me feel excited for the holiday season :D.

A few weeks ago, the apartment staff thought it was a good idea for a fire drill to happen at 8:30pm. It lasted all the way until 10PM (or something). I was in class during that time but if I wasn’t, I would be pisssssed off because they gave no warnings ahead of time and it’s at night! At least the fire drill lasted a bit after I came back to the apartment.

November 8, 2014

I’m done with week 6 of the quarter! 4 More weeks to go plus finals week and I will be done for the term! I’m liking the quarter system a lot better than semester because everything goes by quicker and I don’t feel burnt out that way. As far as grades go, I feel like I’m doing well in my classes and hopefully it stays that way. The atmosphere of the school is great except I don’t have the energy to do extended socializing *-* (like going to socials or even joining a sorority). So far in the quarter, the only caffeinated drink I had is a can of Monster and had no all-nighters (yay).

My winter quarter registration appointment was on Tuesday morning. Even though the office clerks for CBA lost my pledge papers for priority registration, I still got into a couple of classes I need with one being on the wait list. Hopefully things will pull through *o*. I’m looking forward to the winter because these are some of the core classes for my major. Here’s the set of classes I registered for so far:

  • Database Design and Development
  • Business Telecommunications
  • Intermediate Java Programming for Business (WL)
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