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Pleasant Work Environment
July 26, 2014

Taking care of work as the main IT Technician isn’t too bad. Thankfully, my supervisor used to take care of IT-related problems before becoming a drafting manager. Whenever there are problems that I don’t know how to approach, I go to him to seek guidance. I’m learning new things as I encounter them so it’s a good learning experience.

A Few Highlights at Work:

  • Relabeled countless devices and logged the serial numbers into our database.
  • Brought an iMac back to life after opening it up and debugging the problems.
  • Closed some IT tickets in the backlog with some being active since late 2011.
  • Fixed the printer to network connection.
  • Learned and remembered most of the employee’s names.
  • Had a few meetings with the company’s president to work on the company’s software management system.
  • The president was impressed when I fixed a problem with one of the modules within a couple of minutes.
  • Took up a side project of fixing two MacBook Pros. Initially, I thought it was a logic board until I found out it was a hard drive problem (for both).
  • Found out a good number of my coworkers are alumni/current students at the same school I’m at.
  • Got to try out one of those cool USB-to-SATA adapters to connect an internal hard drive removed from another computer to my laptop.

As for lunch, I totally ditched the whole salad idea. I started making other food such as udon or rice + toppings as an alternative. On a couple of occasions last week, a coworker and I went to eat at In-N-Out and got sushi. Yesterday, seven coworkers and I went to eat at a Mexican restaurant nearby. I ordered a delicious seafood cocktail that had oyster, shrimp, octopus, albacore, and imitation crab in it. My work’s area is filled with other manufacturing/production facilities so it takes a bit of a drive to get to a decent food place.

I inherited the previous IT person’s cubicle, which had a pretty cool desk setup. There are dual screen monitors hooked up to a pretty powerful laptop (Lenovo Y500). It’s a good thing because it helps me get whatever I need done ☺.

Hopefully things will continue to run smooth at work. I’m enjoying the things I do at the moment so it makes the experience worthwhile.

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