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Good Vibes
November 17, 2014

It’s week 8 of the quarter already? Finals is right around the corner in about two weeks *o*.

The quarter has been pretty decent so far. I’m doing better than I expected considering how I’m working while going to school at the same time.  Along with time management, I’m doing pretty well with money management too ☺. I’m happy with how things are going so far; especially since I worked my way up to be where I am today since starting college a bit over two years ago. My next step is to try to get more involved in cyber security and move into the security or networking job field.

A Few School Tales

Last week, I went to Target and I saw some Christmas lights on sale… Since I won’t be here around Christmas time, I would have around 4~5 weeks for the lights to be up. I ended up buying a box of pure white-colored lights and hung it on a side of the wall in my apartment room. The lights look really nice when it’s lit up and it’s great as a night light since we don’t have one here. It makes me feel excited for the holiday season :D.

A few weeks ago, the apartment staff thought it was a good idea for a fire drill to happen at 8:30pm. It lasted all the way until 10PM (or something). I was in class during that time but if I wasn’t, I would be pisssssed off because they gave no warnings ahead of time and it’s at night! At least the fire drill lasted a bit after I came back to the apartment.

November 8, 2014

I’m done with week 6 of the quarter! 4 More weeks to go plus finals week and I will be done for the term! I’m liking the quarter system a lot better than semester because everything goes by quicker and I don’t feel burnt out that way. As far as grades go, I feel like I’m doing well in my classes and hopefully it stays that way. The atmosphere of the school is great except I don’t have the energy to do extended socializing *-* (like going to socials or even joining a sorority). So far in the quarter, the only caffeinated drink I had is a can of Monster and had no all-nighters (yay).

My winter quarter registration appointment was on Tuesday morning. Even though the office clerks for CBA lost my pledge papers for priority registration, I still got into a couple of classes I need with one being on the wait list. Hopefully things will pull through *o*. I’m looking forward to the winter because these are some of the core classes for my major. Here’s the set of classes I registered for so far:

  • Database Design and Development
  • Business Telecommunications
  • Intermediate Java Programming for Business (WL)
November 1, 2014

I fell into a weekly routine since starting and living at school. It’s a good way to keep myself organized without falling behind in my classwork or anything else. If anything sudden and different occurs, I do my best to make time by shifting some of these routines around.


  • Leave home and arrive to school by 2PM.
  • Go to Fresh & Easy for the weekly grocery shopping.
  • “Recreational” Activities: Swim, blog/return comments, make dinner, divide food into individual portions, go to another store, and/or etc.
  • Eat dinner then do homework.
  • Sleep by 11 (hopefully sooner!)
October 26, 2014

This week was another busy week of school and it’s almost unbelievable that midterms are coming up! I already finished one midterm for my organizational behavior class and I have two more within the next couple of weeks (better than having it all crammed in one day/week). There’s a web development group project for my CIS class and I believe we should have a pretty good site looking at the human capital we have. Despite of all of that school business going on, my boyfriend left flowers on my table with a note saying “27 Months ♥” after I came back from my evening classes on Tuesday night ☺☺.

On Wednesday, I went to eat all-you-can-eat sushi again for lunch after work (part-time day)! The sushi chef once again crafted some delicious sushi for us. We pretty much ate the same thing as last time along with some additional creations. The squid nigiri was amazing! The texture was on-point and it was not slimy at all (which was the case for some other sushi place). In addition, we got to sample some chopped toro on a spoon! The pieces melts in your mouth like butter and it was perfect.

October 19, 2014

Yes, I am once again uncreative with using the same title for the third week straight. I promise I will think of a better title next week!

This quarter must be the quarter of videos! I had to edit and narrate two videos for two different classes this week. One of the videos was about how the ERP software we use at work improves the workload for Computer Information Systems (CIS). It’s perfect because the work experience I learned over the summer helped a lot! The other video was for my organizational behavior class where there were 10 skits about power contingencies and influential powers. Both videos turned out great!

Networking = Important

From the clubs and fundamentals to CIS class I’m in, I learned the emphasis of why networking is important. You never know what will happen in the future and that one person sitting across from you in class who you never talk to can end up being your employer; or it can be vise versa where you’re the employer instead. It’s amazing how the department has a vast network of professionals who were CIS graduates. Before this, I did some basic networking on my own such as meeting peers who are also into cyber security and so on.

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