Week VIII of Bronconess
March 1, 2015

Happy March! Once again, I can’t believe how fast time flies! Especially since finals week is around two weeks away. I actually like the term being 10 weeks long, mostly because I don’t have the attention span for the 16-week terms anymore. The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy and the same will go for the next two weeks, yaaay.

I have a project for my java, database, and telecommunications class due soon. The most interesting project would probably be the telecommunications one where I have to set up a website from an Ubuntu server using Amazon Web Services. I’m a bit over halfway done; I just need to figure out to set up the mysql/php registration form from terminal.

February 17, 2015

Class registration for the spring quarter came along earlier last week. I signed up for Interactive + Responsive Web Development (yaaay), Intro to Systems Analysis + Design, Managerial Finance II, and Principles to Management. The course load doesn’t look too bad and I’m excited to finally take a web development class! But first things first: surviving this quarter. Despite of taking three of the hardest core classes at once, I’m managing the best I can given the circumstances.

My boyfriend and I had a FriDate eating sushi and watching Kingsman. This sushi place is much better than the previous one we went to in December because the fish:rice ratio was on point and they had uni!  My favorite “roll” throughout the night was the Jen Jen Roll (spicy crab and avocado wrapped with salmon) because it had no rice. We enjoyed watching Kingsman (but moreso my boyfriend because of the whole gentleman/suits theme) ☺.

February 3, 2015

It’s February already?! So much have been going on at school due to projects and midterms. I finished one midterm and have three more to go within the next couple of weeks. Aside from school, there’s always work and limited leisure time. We’re in week 5 and I’m hanging on in there!

January 19, 2015

Going into week three of the quarter, my java class doesn’t seem too bad after all. From what I heard, the class is going to learn about programming graphical user interfaces- something I had to deal with in my previous java class. I should be fine unless this professor wants us to program a fully functional video game from thin air, which shouldn’t be the case this time around. My other classes are pretty decent so far. I’m hopeful for telecommunications because I’m interested in networking and database design/development because I want to understand how databases really work. As for managerial finance, I’m not too hot for it since it looks like it’s an extension of accounting; but it’s good to learn more business-related knowledge.

Work has been busy, but great at the same time. Following the ERP problem started in November, I found the root cause of the incident a couple of weeks later and a significant amount of changes have been brought to the company since then; without going into too much detail. I enjoy the projects assigned to me regarding implementing new features or fixing existing ones in our software. Working for a bit over 6 months, I noticed some correlations between some core classes I took with business operations:

January 12, 2015

Winter quarter started last week and this will be a busy term for me. I didn’t realize I chose three difficult core classes to take in one go- but I’ll find a way to manage. My classes include database design & development, intermediate java, telecommunications, and corporate finance. The hardest class would probably be java because I’m not too much of a programming fan (but it’s good to know). The good news is that I have a basic concept on all four classes; and I actually do look forward into taking classes that actually pertains to my major.

My boyfriend and I had a Tues-Date at Korean BBQ! This was my third time eating at a Korean BBQ house and it was another great experience! The waitress gave us an assortment of appetizers to sample. The place we went to required a minimum of 2 orders to use the grill, but the waitress was nice enough to let me slide with one order (since my boyfriend is a pescetarian). For this type of food, I rather cook it on the grill on my own instead of having the kitchen cook it for me. Everything was so delicious! I definitely got my fix for Korean BBQ for the quarter… ☺

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