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Welcome Back, September
September 1, 2014

Happy September! Can’t you believe there are less than 4 months left in the year? The season of holidays is right around the corner~

It’s finally official that I’m going to continue working during the fall quarter. I was initially hired as a temporary/summer intern but management was pleased with my performance and offered me an extended stay. I’m thankful for the opportunity because I learned a lot from this company so far ☺. I’ll be going to work two days out of the week so hopefully it doesn’t get in the way of academics.

Speaking of academics, I finally got the chance to register for my 4th class! My class schedule for the fall is ~complete~ and it seems like I’m stuck with evening classes once again.. But it shouldn’t be that bad because I’m living on campus this time, right right? This means I can afford the time to go back to my room/place in between classes ☺.

August 26, 2014

I randomly decided to take pictures of whatever I decided to do today. I did more than “just going to work” so it’s something worth making a post about. So get ready for a picture-heavy post~

Note: Don’t mind the quality.

August 23, 2014

Work was pretty good this week. We completed the biggest part of the inventory project so I returned to my IT work. I finally got the chance to go to Target to stock up in snacks since the vending machine can be quite expensive in the long run. I got myself some fruit by the foot, lucky charms, and rice krispies treats ☺.

After bringing an iMac and MacBook Pro back to life a few weeks ago, there were other problems that followed. I had to put the project aside and work on other higher priority tasks… Until this week. The MacBook Pro had a hard drive problem. Luckily the previous IT person left behind a bootable Snow Leopard OS X USB so I downloaded Mavericks on to the flash drive as well and installed the operating system on the main hard drive (after wiping it out). As for the iMac, there was an iCloud pin lock that no one knew the code to. A different hard drive, additional memory, PRAM reset, and verbose mode later the whole operating system was able to boot up.

August 17, 2014

This week, I continued to work with my work’s inventory report. On Friday, we finally began inputting the data into our management software. After that, I should be returning to my IT work. It was tedious having to correct some counting or input mistakes but someone has to do the job..

One of our VP’s brought his adorable three-year-old son to work on Wednesday and Friday. The kid somehow became attached to me and was jumpy behind the glass door whenever I passed by his dad’s office. He thinks my name is “Fancy” and says I’m pretty with long hair X’D.

August 8, 2014

With this being my 5th week of working, I suppose I’m finally accustomed to this whole work schedule. Being on an 8-5 schedule has its perks and disadvantages but I’m in favor of it so that’s a good thing ☺.

I was extremely busy this week with the culmination of the inventory count from last Friday. With the data received from the counts, I had a team of interns input them in excel so I can make a report for the auditors to see. Except there were too many discrepancies between the count from Friday and the count from our management software system. I had to push aside any “IT work” this week so I can get the report done. Safe to say, I completed the work in process portion for the auditors. As for the overall count, hopefully I will be done with everything next week.

est. two-thousand eleven