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Two Years ♥
July 21, 2014

Today, my boyfriend and I reached our two year anniversary ♥. Despite of us being at work all day, we still had time to see each other afterwards. He gave me a Coach wristlet and I love it ☺♥. Even though we spent a bit of time together, I’m still happy we were able to see each other.

It’s unbelievable how it’s already two years since he asked me to be his girlfriend that night. We’ve been through a handful whether it’s the good or the bad. We learn from our experiences and grow together ☺.

Some Fun Facts About Us:

 When we were in a symphonic band 4 years ago, I somehow convinced him to let me borrow his class ring for a week.

 We somehow had an agreement to call each other “apparently married husband/wife” after I gave the class ring back to him.

There is a one-foot gap between our heights.

 We like the same type of cars. American muscle for the win!

 We’re almost opposites as far as appearance goes.

He grew up with Mac while I grew up with Windows.

We love seafood!

It has been a great two years so far. I’m looking forward to more awesome adventures we will go through together and all of that good stuff. A lot has happened and we’re determined to take on more challenges that life wants to throw at us. For now, here’s one of my recent favorite pictures of us.

I haven’t exactly used this picture yet, but it is similar to the ones in that one post about two months ago.

Love, peace, and martini drinks

est. two-thousand eleven